It’s Oi, it’s Punk, it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, whatever you want to call it ‘The Business‘ are vital part of it….

Led by the inimitable ‘Micky Fitz’ and with a career spanning three decades, ‘The Business’ have been a driving force in the scene since 1979. During this time they have produced countless anthems for their beloved ‘Working Class’ ranging from terrace style sing-along’s to astute social commentaries. In 2011, at a time when music seems to be dividing itself again into endless genres, ‘The Business’ stands firm and honest appealing to anyone who can see through the packaging of the ’15 minute bands’.

‘The Business’ have played to audiences in almost every corner of the globe, with the music and the message of the band appealing throughout the world. What started in the pubs and the streets of ‘South East London’ has never been more relevant, with a global recession and the ‘old boys club’ taking care of themselves, the working classes have once again got the short end of the stick, but because of bands like ‘The Business’ they have a voice that will be heard loud n proud.

Punk and Oi has lasted for the reason that it hasn’t become a parody of itself grows in strength every year. At all ‘The Business’ gigs you will notice a growing number of younger people attending. The reasons for this are more and more young people are starting to see through the fraudulent nature of the music they are forced to consume and look for the bands of substance and integrity. The internet, for all it’s faults, has thrown open a door for a new generation to discover the band and helped kill off the congregation of purists who think everything stopped years ago. It is also important to remember the new bands that have come through having been influenced by bands like ‘The Business’ and have kept the unifying values alive, combining it with new styles and creating some of the most significant music around today.

Live performances being acclaimed across the world and with over 30 years of experience ‘The Business’ are stronger than ever and continue to grow. It’s a must to see them play in a place near you, genuine music for genuine people.

Current Line-Up….

Micky Fitz – Vocals
Fish – Guitar
Trots – Bass
Bundie – Drums

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